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Civil Unions Bill passes through Maltese Parliament


 NEWS   The Maltese Parliament yesterday approved the Civil Unions Bill in its third and final reading. All government MPs present voted in favour of the bill, while all opposition MPs abstained. The bill grants same-sex couples the opportunity to enter lawful civil unions, an arrangement which is virtually equivalent to marriage in all but name. Read more …

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca sworn in as Malta’s ninth President

President Coleiro Preca taking the oath of office

 NEWS  Early this morning Australian time an emotional Marie Louise Coleiro Preca was sworn in as Malta’s ninth and the second female President, promising to stay close to the people despite taking on her new role. In her first official speech soon after being sworn in, Ms Coleiro Preca made a special mention of the importance of strengthening ties with the Maltese diaspora spread around the world and particularly with the younger generations of Maltese and Gozitans abroad. Read more …

BirdLife Malta launches legal challenge to spring hunting


 NEWS   BirdLife Malta today launched a legal challenge to spring hunting in Malta by filing a Judicial Protest in the Maltese courts, while at the same time in Brussels, a delegation representing 39 MEPs met with EU Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik, to call on the European Commission to suspend any further derogations to allow spring hunting. Read more …

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