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Rob Galea, the pop star priest

Father Rob Galea outside his church in Shepparton. Photo: Simon O'Dwyer

 BLOG  Article by Julie May – Rob Galea is probably the biggest pop star you’ve never heard of. He plays to hundreds of thousands of people every year. He gets mobbed on the streets of many countries. He was invited to perform on the US version of The Voice, but was too busy. Is he based in Hollywood? London? No, Rob Galea lives in Shepparton, in central Victoria. Read more …

Commemorating ANZAC Day 2015 in Malta


 NEWS   The Australian High Commission in Malta has been working for some time on special commemorative events for the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign in World War I. A webpage has been established at www.malta.embassy.gov.au/mlta/ANZAC.html setting out the relevant information about the events. Read more …

Roadmap for Maltese Diaspora-Government cooperation


 NEWS    In an effort to strengthen the close link between the Maltese living abroad and their cousins in Malta, the Council for Maltese Living Abroad (CMLA) was established by an Act of the Maltese parliament passed by unanimous vote in late 2011. The CMLA meets annually in Malta under the chairmanship of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Dr George Vella. Its latest meeting was held in early October with members from Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA attending. Read more …

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