Australian Football International (AFI) will be participating in the Australia Day Parade in Melbourne on 26 January 2018, under the banner of the “United Nations of Footy”. People from many different communities in Melbourne will march together under one banner, wearing their different national footy jumpers, to celebrate both our diversity and our harmony. We may come from many backgrounds and cultures, but we are all Australians.

AFI invites the Maltese community in Melbourne to get involved in the Australia Day Parade, wearing the Malta footy jumper. Jumpers are available for purchase at $70 plus postage from on the AFI website at

Australian Football International (AFI) is an organisation established for the purpose of growing and developing the Aussie Rules football game internationally, with a focus on Footy 9s and junior development. Its major aim is to empower people and communities through sport. More information about us can be found at

AFI is committed to using the sport of Australian Football to break down barriers between people of different cultures. It is also committed to using the inclusive and fitness aspects of the sport to help combat the growing rise of childhood obesity in many countries.

AFI Malta promotes Aussie Rules among students in Malta

The objectives of AFI Malta include:

  • Encouraging participation at the grassroots level, with a focus on youth and community development
  • Establishing Footy 9s in the Maltese school sports curriculum at both primary and secondary level
  • Introducing Footy 9s as a university sport in Malta
  • Providing players with the opportunity to compete in competitions at school and club level in Malta
  • Establishing National Teams (men & women) to compete in matches against other countries
  • Securing recognition of Footy 9s as an official sport in Malta

Anyone interested in being a part of AFI Malta please go to

Maltese Crusaders AFI Team in Malta