The Maltese Community Council of Victoria, Inc. was established in 1958 and is an Association incorporated in the State of Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

ECCV Affiliation

The MCCV is affiliated with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria, Inc. (ECCV), which is the peak non-government body representing ethnic communities throughout Victoria. The ECCV was established in 1974 as a voluntary community organisation through which common concerns are discussed, consultation and liaison is carried out with and amongst ethnic communities and issues are brought to the attention of all levels of government. The ECCV is made up of 195 member organisations, being incorporated bodies whose primary object is either of an ethnic or multicultural focus and whose aims and activities are not inconsistent with the Statement of Purposes of the ECCV.

MCCV Constitution

The following is a description of some of the salient provisions in the MCCV Constitution.


The objectives of the MCCV are:

  1. To encourage the full participation of the Maltese Community within the social, economic and cultural life of the Australian community in the State of Victoria;
  2. To advocate on behalf of Victoria’s Maltese Community and pursue interests in the formulation of policies, programs and services;
  3. To lobby local, state and federal governments and organisations in the interest of Victoria’s Maltese community;
  4. To represent Victoria’s Maltese Community generally;
  5. To promote and undertake research into all aspects relating to Victoria’s Maltese community;
  6. To encourage, foster and conduct educational, cultural and social activities for, and on behalf of the Maltese Community in Victoria;
  7. To foster and encourage the development of the Maltese language, culture and arts in a multicultural Australian community;
  8. To undertake social welfare work and provide welfare services for the benefit and on behalf of the Maltese Community in Victoria;
  9. To maintain and develop a Community Centre and regional centres in the State of Victoria for the use and benefit of the Maltese community;
  10. To establish, develop and maintain a Maltese cultural resource centre with information and published material relating to Maltese language, culture and social affairs; and
  11. To participate as representatives of the Maltese community in the formulation of policies relating to health & community services, education, employment & training, immigration & humanitarian programs, legal & justice, media & the arts, reconciliation, women’s and youth issues.
  12. To take over the funds and other assets and liabilities of the unincorporated association formerly known as the “Maltese Community Council of Victoria”;
  13. To subscribe to, become a member of and cooperate with any other association, club or organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose objectives are altogether or in part similar to those of the Association. Provided that the Association shall not subscribe to or support with its funds any club, association or organisation which does not prohibit the distribution of its income and property among its members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on the Association under or by virtue of the Rules.


There are three categories of membership:

  • Ordinary – this is available to any Maltese organisation whose purposes and activities are not inconsistent with the Statement of Purposes set out in the MCCV Constitution, provided that such an organisation has at least 20 members and is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Victoria). Ordinary members are often referred to as affiliated associations.
  • Volunteer – this is available to any individual who provides assistance and support to the MCCV in a volunteer capacity and abides with the Statement of Purposes set out in the MCCV Constitution.
  • Honorary – The General Council of the MCCV upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee may invite an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Maltese Community in Victoria or has provided services that have benefited the Maltese Community in Victoria to become an Honorary Member of the Association in appreciation of the contribution or services. Invitations must be issued, and acceptances made, in writing.

Applications for ordinary and volunteer membership must be made in writing. In the first instance the Executive Committee considers applications and makes recommendations to the General Council whether to approve or to reject the application. Approvals require a two-thirds majority of the Ordinary Members of the Council present and voting.

Voting Rights

Ordinary Member organisations are entitled to one vote at the meetings of the Council to be recorded by one of the delegates of the affiliated organisation and no proxy votes are permitted to an organisation. A delegate can only represent and vote for one organisation.

Volunteer Members and Honorary Members have no voting rights.

Annual Membership Fee

Ordinary Member organisations are required to pay an annual membership fee of such amount, if any, as may be determined by the MCCV at its Annual General Meeting. No membership fee is payable by Volunteer Members and Honorary Members.

Other membership related provisions

The Constitution contains several detailed provisions regulating the expulsion and suspension of members as well as procedures to be followed in the case of grievances, disputes and mediation.


The controlling authorities governing the MCCV are:

  • the General Council, which is the highest governing body of the MCCV; and
  • the Executive Committee, which is accountable to the General Council.
General Council

The General Council must meet at not less than ten monthly general meetings in each year and such other meetings as the Executive Committee determines from time to time.

The General Council has the following powers:

  1. to determine guidelines for the development of the Maltese Community in Victoria
  2. to receive and approve the reports of the Executive Committee and to appoint an Auditor
  3. to elect the office bearers of the Executive Committee
  4. to elect delegates to a national Maltese council of Australia
  5. to accept new members of the MCCV
  6. to invite individuals to join the MCCV as Honorary Members
  7. to approve the budget of the MCCV
  8. to amend the Rules of the MCCV
  9. to vote on the dissolution of the MCCV
  10. to expel or suspend members of the MCCV
  11. to expel Executive Members
  12. to convene the Annual General Meeting and general meetings of the MCCV
  13. to decide on all matters affecting the MCCV, which are not restricted to the Executive Committee
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the committee of management of the MCCV responsible for the management of its affairs. It is required to meet at least on ten occasions every year and typically hold regular monthly meetings at the Maltese Community centre in Parkville.

The Executive Committee, which is elected every two years, consists of the following honorary office-bearing positions:

  • President
  • two Vice-Presidents
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Welfare Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • a representative of the Missionary Society of St Paul
  • Immediate Past President

To be eligible for nomination to the Executive Committee of the Council a candidate must be a member of an ordinary member organisation and nominated by the president of an ordinary member organisation and seconded by the President of another ordinary member organisation. There are detailed provisions in the Constitution setting out the responsibilities of each position and regulating the expulsion of members from the Executive Committee.

The powers and responsibilities of Executive Committee are:

  1. to manage the activities of the MCCV
  2. to control and manage the business and affairs of the MCCV
  3. to convene meetings of the General Council
  4. to receive applications for membership of new members to the MCCV and to make recommendations to the General Council
  5. to appoint Sub-Committees, Task Forces, Representative Bodies and all such institutions, as and when necessary, which may facilitate the realisation of the aims of the MCCV;
  6. to administer the funds of the MCCV;
  7. to present reports to the General Council;
  8. subject to the Constitution, the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and Regulations, to exercise all such powers and functions as may be exercised by general meetings of the members of the MCCV; and
  9. subject to the Constitution, the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and Regulations, to perform all such acts and things as appear to the Executive Committee to be essential for the proper management of the business and affairs of the MCCV.

The MCCV must convene an Annual General Meeting of its members every calendar year. The ordinary business of the AGM includes confirmation of the minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting; to receipt from the Executive Committee of reports upon the transactions of the MCCV during the last preceding financial year; and the election of members of the Executive Committee of the MCCV every second year.

The MCCV must convene not less than ten monthly general meetings every year as determined by the Executive Committee. One-third of all ordinary members may request the Executive Committee in writing to convene a Special General Meeting, stating the objects of the meeting.

The Constitution contains several detailed provisions regulating notices of meetings and the conduct of proceedings at meetings.

Annual General Meeting 2016

MCCV President Victor Borg presented the Annual Report. MCCV Treasurer, Mr Paul Borg, delivered a detailed financial report for the past 12 months. The report was approved by the meeting. Mr Joseph Borg was appointed Returning Officer for the election.

The new MCCV Executive Committee elected for 2016/18 is as follows:

  • President – Mr Victor Borg
  • Vice Presidents –
    • Mr Joseph Stafrace
    • Dr Edwin Borg-Manché
  • Secretary – Mr Andrew Gatt
  • Assistant Secretary – Mrs Antonia Camilleri
  • Treasurer – Mr Paul Borg
  • Assistant Treasurer – Vacant
  • Welfare Director – Mrs Rosemary Attard
  • Public Relations Officer – Vacant
  • Social Secretary – Mrs Rita Pullicino
  • Chaplain – Fr Edwin Agius MSSP
MCCV Executive Committee 2016-18: from left, Mr Paul Borg (Treasurer), Dr Edwin Borg-Manché (Vice President), Fr Edwin Agius (Chaplain), Mr Andrew Gatt (Secretary), Mr Joseph Stafrace (Vice President), Mr Victor Borg (President), Mrs Antonia Camilleri (Assistant Secretary), Mrs Rita Pullicino (Social Secretary), Mrs Rosemary Attard (Welfare Director).