Postal address: c/- MCCV, 477 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia

Website: The Association does not have a website.

Year founded: 1988

Association Objectives. The purposes for which the Association was formed are as follows:

  • To undertake welfare work for the benefit and on behalf of the Ex-Members of the Malta Police Force;
  • To encourage, foster and conduct cultural and social activities for, and on behalf of the Association; and
  • To establish, develop and maintain a good liaison with other enforcement bodies.

Committee Elections. Elections are held every two years.

Committee Members

President                                         Vincent Calleja
Vice President                                 Joe Attard
Secretary                                         Marcel Mario Calleja
Treasurer                                         Sam Apap

Membership.  Any ex-member of the Malta Police Force whose aims and activities are not inconsistent with the Association’s purposes is eligible to become a member. New members will need to be admitted by vote of the members. To become a member one needs to complete a Membership form. An entry fee of $5.00 is due and payable in January of each year. Queries about membership should be directed to Vincent Calleja on (03) 8390 2920.