NEWS   A fundraising function held on July 6 at the La Valette Social Centre in Blacktown, NSW, marked the launch of the Maltese-Australians’ Youth Committee (MAYC), which was formed in late March by a group of nine enthused Maltese-Australian youths, who share the same pride of Maltese background with a love to share, not only the Maltese culture and heritage, but to see to it that it lives on for future generations.

MAYC members
MAYC members

MAYC seek to share their strong sense of pride in their heritage and culture with the Maltese diaspora community, ensuring that its richness and vitality lives on for future generations. With the ageing Maltese community – not only in Australia, but around the world – the longevity of Maltese diaspora culture appears to be facing a very real crisis: there are no young people to step up into leadership roles of existing Maltese communities.

One of the ways in which MAYC is seeking to combat these issues and ensure the vitality of Maltese diaspora culture is by sending MAYC delegates to the upcoming Convention of Maltese Living Abroad, being held in Valetta, Malta, in April 2015. This convention was last held five years ago in 2010 and before then in 2000 and 1969. The Convention is organised by Malta’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This convention invites members of the Maltese diaspora from all over the world to gather in Malta and discuss issues that affect the Maltese national and international identity, and strategies that seek to promote the survival of our culture in diaspora contexts.

La Valette Social Centre has chosen youth delegates from MAYC to represent Maltese diaspora interests of the younger generation of Maltese-Australians at this international convention, marking a great opportunity to promote and address our concerns and passion for our heritage and identity. MAYC sees this as a rare and valuable opportunity to showcase and promote Maltese-Australian youth to other Maltese youth from all over the world. Further, it allows Maltese-Australian youth to connect with the existing international Maltese community, and ensure its continuity in future generations. This is in keeping with MAYC’s vision to keep everything about Malta alive forever.

To achieve this goal, MAYC is appealing to the wider Maltese community of Australia and beyond to assist them in their cause. All funds raised at the MAYC’s fundraising events will go towards the cost of sending their youth delegates to Malta in 2015.  MAYC welcomes anyone who is interested in supporting them in any way possible.

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