Rita Catania    A lot of kneading, rolling and cutting took place at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville on Sunday 20 July, as students young and older, took part in our Ravjul Masterclass and Ravjulata event. We thought the first Masterclass was fun and crazy, well this one was no different and equally as wonderful.

Lots of concentration, smiles and teaching was happening as our experienced teachers taught their eager students how to make this delicious and favourite Maltese dish. GAM organisers enjoyed watching everybody take part and interact with one another and their mentors, to make over 130 dozen of ravjul! That’s right … over 130 dozen! We’ve never seen so many ravioli – EVER!!!

Once the students were done, our grandiose pots were boiling away as our students sat down with a drink, waiting with great excitement to taste their handy work. The aromas of the freshly cooked ravjul and tomato sauce filled the hall and smelled amazing.

We had some other fun along the way with our ‘Bingo Raffle’, door prize giveaways & a visit from Mr Victor Grech, the Maltese Consul General for Victoria. GAM would like to extend a BIG thanks to ALL who took part in the class, as well as to our mentors and GAM crew who helped to put the event together and make it a great success on the day.

We we were ecstatic to see the return of some of the students from our first Masterclass where we made Figolli, take part once again. Not only do we love seeing our AusMalts take part, but GAM was absolutely blown away to find out (and watch), a lovely gentleman in Group 3 take part who was blind. How wonderful is that? Plus, we had people from other cultures participate also from backgrounds such as Polish and Brazilian to name a couple. We just loved that! Everybody’s enthusiasm was so infectious and encouraging.

Thanks everyone and can’t wait to see you at the next GAM event. You are all helping to keep the Maltese culture alive and that rocks! — at Centru Malti – Maltese Community Centre.